Eric Vaughn Johnson Releases His First Book:



A Director’s Theatrical Journey of Comedy and Drama

Community arts enthusiast Eric Vaughn Johnson has a lot to say. As a child, he observed the conflict of being told, "you can't make it in the arts," or, "to do anything worthwhile you have to move to New York or LA." My Quarter-Life Crisis pinpoints finding Johnson's purpose in the arts while doing the exact opposite of the status quo, making a difference in Rochester, NY. Through this book, kids of all ages (and their parents) can see how participation in countless performing arts activities can offer multiple and diverse opportunities leading to a full-fledged satisfying career.

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“In storytelling we must see what is not written on the page, rather than what is in black and white.”

Eric Vaughn Johnson’s twenty-five-year story brings to light mentors and role models who encouraged him to follow a path in the arts and how he continues to share his artistic prowess by inspiring young actors and directors today. Follow his journey from his earliest (and awkward) childhood memories and Steven Spielberg aspirations, through his development as a theatre director and producer in the Rochester entertainment scene. 
Dealing with religion, orientation, and leaving college,  Johnson's artistically crafted story centers around a single premise: anything is possible if you put your mind to it. My Quarter-Life Crisis dives into numerous stories of Johnson as a kid and teenager that enabled him to love what he does, and to not settle for anything less.


"Eric Vaughn Johnson has told us, in a soul searching manner, about the missteps and successes on the way to a career as a theatre director and producer. Is a Tony award in his future?"
~Vivian A. Palladoro, Ed.D., Founder and Chair, Growing Downtown Rochester

"My Quarter-Life Crisis is a great read jam-packed with tales of a young entertainment professional’s dreams and achievements.  Enjoy this gifted storyteller’s saga.  Imagine what the next quarter century holds for him!"
~John Williams, LGBT Rochester Philanthropist

"This book carries a universal theme! For anyone who finds their passion and purpose, moves forward, continues to grow and makes that dream a reality, this book will strike a chord for them!"
~Ken Harrington, Veteran Rochester Actor

"I am absolutely loving it. I knew I would enjoy the insights into Eric's mom, but what I didn’t expect was to be so inspired by his purpose and to be so thoroughly entertained by his writing style and wit."

~Barbara Osterman, Human Solutions LLC

"I love it!!  It is written so well, funny, insightful, poignant and inspiring!!" ~ Teri D                     "I couldn't stop laughing!" ~ Allan C

"Loved it so much I had some happy tears" ~ Katherine L              "The writing style is so fluid and easy to read. Can't wait to finish" ~ Kathy C

Hardcover & Paperback: 240 pages

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Paperback and Hardcover both available
PG Audiences: Ages 10 & Up

Rochester, NY

Special Thanks To…
Ann Johnson, Charyll Monk, Hunter Ekberg, John Schlia,
Lisa Gates, John Williams, Ken Harrington, Vivian Palladoro, Nils Miner