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Eric Vaughn Johnson
Theatre Director, Producer, & Event Promoter

"Eric Vaughn Johnson has a rich history of theatrical and musical experience...”
~ West Side News 

"[Johnson is} one of the leading figures in Rochester's musical arts scene"

~ Pittsford Neighbors Magazine

"[Johnson] has been warm, welcoming, funny, and provided a safe space for my sweet boy to be himself and express his creativity." ~ Shellie Fizer

"Johnson's lively production rightfully allows [Billy] DeMetsenaere's marvelous performance to take center stage." ~ City Newspaper

"He is full of energy and has new ideas." ~ Paula Kosiorek

“Eric has always been ahead of his time and a visionary from a very early age.”
~ Judith A. Ranaletta

"If we had more young people like [Eric], Rochester would enjoy a wonderful and enriching future." ~ Vivian A. Palladoro, Ed.D.

"Director Eric Vaughn Johnson took a heterogeneous group of actors, ranging from the experienced to virtual first-timers, and molded them into an excellent comic ensemble." ~ David Raymond

"Eric is incredible. He works so hard to make kids feel valued. His excitement about the Arts is infectious. My daughter had her first real featured role in his program after years of trying to make it in her own school community. He looks at kids with fresh eyes.

We just love him and the team. He also provides amazing classes to older adults. The arts are freeing, and he gets it." - Lilith K.

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